Friday, December 30, 2011

coming to a close

Our visit to Minnesota is coming to a close. It has been an eventful few days, and after nearly 2 weeks away from home, I am a bit eager to get back to "the norm" and into our daily groove again.  I had my typical moody-grump phase yesterday, feeling bummed and forlorn at the thought of leaving our family in Minnesota.  I take comfort in knowing that I've spent almost 5 of the last 10 weeks with family. Saturation, beautiful, cozy, loving, family-centered saturation.  The hard part is being unsure of when we'll be back ... Easter? <sigh> best not to think about that right now. =)

Ryan came down with a sudden case of strep throat ... Poor guy could hardly speak by the time we got him in to the doctor.  He's finally feeling like himself again.  It was pretty scary seeing him sleep and sleep ... with no appetite ... sweats/chills/vomiting/choking/bleary-eyed sickness. Noo thank you!  Following his 24-hours-of-antibiotics-til-no-longer-contagious period I promptly washed all of the bedding he came in contact with, lysol spraying the bed and pillows, and disinfecting all common household surfaces.  The plus to his illness? 2 extra days in Minnesota!

We moved from Mom n Dad's house to the Haws home, making a cozy little pack-n-play nest for Thomas to sleep in, and settling into Ryan's old room.  T slept pretty well last night, waking with gas and then having an adventurous 5 a.m. til 7:45 a.m. with Dad, who graciously let me go back to sleep for an hour before Kathy and I got ready to start our busy morning together.

Kathy, T and I met for coffee this morning at Caribou Coffee.  It was so nice to see my sisters.  Following, Kathy and I went to Treadle and Penzey's on Grand Ave.  There were so many gorgeous fabrics there - if only I had a pattern in mind - I could have blown the bank on fabric! Hahah - I've since been googling some of their licensed kid-prints for quilt ideas ... their Dr. Seuss / Lorax / Goodnight Moon collections were adorable ... as were some of the non-licensed prints - think cute little boy fabric complete with bicycles, folding instructions to make a paper airplane, robots, nature (bears, birds, trees), city prints ... I am going to have to go back with a project in mind next time we are in town!

I'm excited for a few up-coming blog posts with the new year - the first being a post about one of my favorite wintertime recipes - Cardamom bread!  I found white cardamom pods at Penzey's today, which are supposed to be more Scandinavian in flavour than their green (which I've used courtesy of the S. bend farmers' market) or black podded cousins. The second post is hopefully going to be a guest post from Ryan involving beermaking!

Tomorrow Ryan, T and I are going to spend New Years Eve with Ryan J. and Marge in their new little home Mexican Taco style <3 Here are some great NYE/New Years Resolution articles I've come across the last few days that I recommend checking out -

25 Parenting Resolutions for 2012 - There are so many goodies here. Personally I hope to implement many of these in my daily life .. particularly #25 ;-)

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself - This is an eye opener, and definitely a reminder to 'chill' and live life to it's fullest, instead of going the doom-and-gloom pathway that is so easy (for me) to fall into sometimes.

I'm looking forward to the drive back to Indiana on January 1.  It'll be a great opportunity to reflect on 2011, formulate family resolutions with Ryan, and reflect upon the last two weeks with family. Mm <3  Hopefully it's one of our last trips! Only time will tell.

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