Monday, December 26, 2011

Busy Days!

Yesterday Ryan and I had a fabulous afternoon with his family - visiting with his aunts, uncles and cousins on the Dalland side of the family.  I always look forward to spending this day with his family, because it is the only time of the year we get to see them .. and they are so very nice.  Little T did very well - taking micro naps throughout the day, visiting with new "friends" and taking in all of the hustle and bustle.  We were showered with gifts from the family, ranging from cookbooks - we both adore cooking - to glass food storage containers, and trinkets and toys for Thomas .. as well as many gift cards ..! Which made today particularly exciting, as we venture to the Mall of America with the Tasker family!!

The mall was extraordinarily busy today ... seriously ... unbelievably busy.  We made it, though, and had a great time.  We enjoyed lunch at the Twin Cities Grill ... and although it was a tough choice, I had the wedge salad and French onion soup ... yumm! We go every year, and so come Christmas day we are already talking about what we are looking forward to the most - vinegar french fries, flat breads, salads, french onion soup, salmon ... Mmm you name it, it is delicious.  I lucked out in my choice, because Ryan chose the chicken salad sandwich and fries ... their fries are my absolute favorite french fries ... and since he wasn't feeling well and has had no appetite ... I got to steal a few! <3

Following our annual family lunch, it came time to peruse the mall.  Everyone likes peaking into Old Navy - which was a hit for me this year, as well ... I found 2 tops for me, jammies for T and a Star Wars t-shirt ... $40 with a $20 off coupon for next time! Score.  We then zipped around to various other places, including Macy's - Ry was in search of a new jacket ... but being very decided on the style he wanted, became a tricky endeavor, finding one in the right style, length and size ... Eventually little T fell asleep in the carrier I had him in (chose not to take the stroller given the crowds and wound up wishing I had) with his arms in the "touch down!!" position ... needless to say his micro nap didn't last long and he woke up fussy ... We took off in search of a nursing nook - finding a cozy spot in the women's restroom - fluffy leather couch, coffee table - It felt so good to kick my shoes off and relax for a few minutes before we were off again.

Each year I tell myself - Oo we should peak into this store, that store, take our time walking through and window shop ... But the day goes so quickly, even more so with a little one in tow, that before we knew it Ry wasn't feeling well, Thomas was so ready for a nap ... and it was time to go home.  We'll have to take some time to go on a week-day next time we're home so we can peak into some of the more unique shops.

We did end up in the Williams of Sonoma store ..! It was so fun to browse and dream ... dream and browse ... Le Crueset, drool ... Ry and I like to pick out our imaginary kitchen items - from bakeware to specialty pans (hello how has it taken me 27 years to know about this beauty? I adore waffles, he adores pancakes ... perfect!) ... Christmas dishes (I can't wait to have a home where I can host a Christmas dinner!!) ... Beaba carrying case and accessories? Wow. Oo la la.  I did splurge on a Zoku Popsicle maker - I am already dreaming of handing Thomas a fresh pureed fruit and veggie Popsicle! So cool!!

Needless to say we've had a relaxing evening after three very busy days in a row.  Tomorrow Thomas and I are hoping to meet up with Gisela and her kiddos for an easy day at the library followed by lunch and (if the weather is anything like today's) some play time outside.  I think I am off to bed, following poor sick-o Ryan ... <yawnstretch>

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