Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breastfeeding + Work

I did a bit of research today (after preparing some more baby food for t - carrots and pears, anyone?) ... on breastfeeding and work, following yesterday's post.  After contacting my La Leche League (LLL) Leader / BF Support Group Leader / Lactation Consultant, I've decided to do some reading and research regarding breastfeeding at work ... she even offered to put me in touch with some Moms who attend the monthly LLL meeting to talk about their experiences, which I am eager to sort of figure out what I want to know as well as what information would be valuable to an audience ...

A simple google search turned up a heap of information from random .com-ers to more obvious resources such as Dr. Sears, LLL and websites like and  Here are some favorites that I'm eager to dig into:

La Leche League - Working it Out - tips on how to convince your boss that it is best to continue breastfeeding your baby ... as well as references and links to helpful legislation to back up your requests.

U.S. Breastfeeding Committee - Workplace Support - many links to legislation and resources to support the importance of breastfeeding, as well as information on the Breastfeeding Support Act and the Business Case for Breastfeeding

National Conference of State Legislatures - This website offers resources on a state-by-state level with respect to breastfeeding ... it was last updated in May 2011.

Work and Pump - a website run by a working mom who offers resources gathered throughout the e-world, as well as a message board for support.

... so many of these websites have a very serious connotation to them, with resources being linked to legislation and minimum requirements to support breastfeeding mothers.  It would be great to find a resource that approaches the needs of a breastfeeding mom and a conversation to be had, or resources to be provided to an employer that is very humanistic in nature.  I haven't yet come across information online that is related to a woman approaching her employer to say, "I am a breastfeeding mom and I need to pump at work x-number of times to support my child and I would like this type of space to do so ..."  Most of these resources pertain to a woman bringing in resources that say, "It is my right to pump at work, and you are required to provide me with the space to do so," which is a little aggressive ... but I'm sure with some organizations that is what it takes ... or these resources wouldn't be out there.

... onward and upward with my learning and advocacy for women who need better conditions, resources, and opportunities to support their breastfeeding relationship at work!

In other news. I've had two dreams about repairing Ryan's beloved T-Shirt quilt ... so I think this might become my next sewing project ... T and I just have to go pick up binding at JoAnn and get to work!  I also have a few bundles of fabric to work with, although I'm not sure they will be large enough for our bed.  I told Ryan we may have to retire his quilt from being our "Main Quilt" on our bed - man alive it is perfectly cozy - to which he responded, "Great. Make us a new one!"  Oi. Queen sized would be the biggest quilt I've made yet.

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