Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ..!

It's officially the second day of the new year, and Ryan and I are starting to settle into our home again after 2 long weeks away with family.  Last night I started laundry and began to unpack our Christmas loot.  I'm going to have to reorganize our kitchen (eventually) to make room for some of the exciting gadgets we've acquired!  I am eager to try out our air popper and seasoning salts, Beaba baby food system, and popcicle maker (ok that one might wait til springtime) ..!  But our little galley-way (arr walk the plank!) is definitely becoming cluttered and crowded.

Thomas was so happy to be home last night - rolling, playing and chatting more than he had the entire 2 weeks we were away!  Finally, by 9:20 p.m. I decided it was time to jump into our bedtime routine of a warm bath, cozy jammies and a little 'bedtime snack' ... settling him into bed before 10 p.m.  This morning we awoke to over 5 inches of snow ..! Yippee!! It definitely looks wintry and pretty outside.  Poor Ryan is out and about on an adventure to restock our refrigerator and pantry and pick up Otto ... He's checked in with me at every stop, driving slow and steady as requested.  I hope he gets home, soon!

While in the car yesterday Ry and I briefly talked about New Years Resolutions.  Ryan's personal resolution was simple - to write his thesis!  My personal resolution is to stay positive and to kick my pregger sweet tooth. Our family resolution is to make healthy choices with food and fitness and to go a bit greener, wasting less.  I joined Weight Watchers again, hoping to revamp my diet and maybe shed a few pounds...  With WW influencing my diet, I know Ryan will benefit from it, as well.  My main concern with revamping my diet was impacting my milk supply ... but with the "nursing" option in WW, it should not become an issue.  I hope.  =)

My WTE June mommy friends and I have started a biggest loser challenge, so it should be a social, well supported endeavor to keep me motivated!  It's perfect for our group because the main focus isn't to shed as many pounds and inches as possible, it is to work as a team to earn points for healthy living - wonderful!  As far as wasting less, I'm hoping get back into using cloth wipes exclusively, and to explore cloth diapering at night ... which may be a (wet/messy/unpleasant) project.  I would also like to dig into eliminating paper towels and plates from our home.  Once we settle into some of our new routines I'll be sure to post about some of my methods to the madness.

I am excited to focus on these resolutions of ours, and to see what the new year brings. It's going to be an exciting time, with Thomas growing and learning, reaching his first birthday midyear, Ryan graduating from Notre Dame with his Phd (a goal 5 years in the making!), and our little family transitioning to the next stage of our lives together.  Where will we end up next? Only the nose knows! ;-)

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