Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Introduction..


... allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Hannah, and I am so looking forward to sharing my interests, curiosities and stories with you! My husband, Ryan and I live in Mishawaka near the University of Notre Dame - you can guess what Ryan is doing there - yep, we're here in the name of higher education! He is a chemist, and I am a freshly minted "Stay-at-Home" mom to our beautiful baby, Thomas. We also have another house guest .. err .. family member .. Otto, who will perhaps make a blog appearance from time to time .. we'll see. He's a little camera shy. ;-)

We are transplants from Minnesota, land of 10,000 beautiful lakes, and home to our two wonderful families that we hold near & dear to our hearts. One day we'll end up a little closer to home, although the drive from South Bend to Minneapolis has become the shortest 8-10 hour trips we've come to know!

I'm looking forward to posting and sharing many things on my blog, including sewing or knitting projects that I am working on, favorite or new recipes, stories, articles and curious things I discover about breast feeding (my newly discovered passion and interest... one of those things in life that I've come across where I want to know absolutely EVERYTHING about it ... hahah) ... cloth diapering (another one of those aforementioned interests of mine) and greener parenting! .. just to name a few topics to look out for.

I've just thrown 4 receiving blankets into the wash for a prewash, so keep an eye out for an upcoming post about how I'm going to re-purpose them. Thomas, being born at 22" long and as strong and stiff as a board, was never a fan of flannel receiving blankets, so I'm especially excited about putting them to use in a new project!

... in the mean time, follow my blog, make a post, and enjoy this first day of December!

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