Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Gift Rush

As I am figuring out what exactly to blog about this evening, I'm watching my parents wrap-wrap-wrap their Christmas gifts.  I spent the afternoon figuring out last minute home-made gifts to throw together for family ... which was fun!  I am eager to share links, photos and stories about the gifts that I've made this year - the most ever! And honestly ... I'm very excited to see how they are received - a little more so than when I spend my days perusing the mall / / catalogue for the perfect gift! part because I get to share my talent and passion with the people I love!

So, Mom n Dad are wrapping and wrapping ... I did a bit of wrapping and wrapping ... until I ran out of boxes!! So tomorrow will be the last-minute dash to grab some finishing touches as well as spending some time ... wrapping ... up the rest of our packages!  .. which is something I love to do.

I was talking with Mom about how I love to wrap, curious as to who taught me my mad skills behind the roll!  I am such a perfectionist - paper just the right size, perfect, crisp corners, expertly creased edges, just the right amount of tape, and a giant, fluffy, expertly curled bow!!  Mom said I must get my perfection-isms from Dad ... but as I watch I am fairly confident that I fold and turn like she does.

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