Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Picture Day

What a busy day! Thank goodness, however, we all went to bed early last night, so we were prepared to be out and about!  Our morning began with pictures at JCPenny, as I mentioned last night ... good thing we were all "spit shined and ready," as my mom put it!  As predicted, Thomas was basically ready for a nap once the camera started snapping, but he held his composure beautifully until we were all done.  As a part of our Groupon offer we received one picture on a disc to share electronically ... I haven't figured out how to "hack" our online album to share others individually yet.  The one thing I missed was the direction from the photographer to stand up straight, put your feet this way, tilt your chin down, etc.  I think I've developed horrible posture from hunching around with a baby under one arm all day... hahah =) We are our own best critics, though.

After picture day, Ryan treated me to lunch at Falafel Express located in the same little strip mall as Studebagels and Between the Buns ... across from J.W. Chens.  The food was great, and the service was pretty nice, too ... Ryan ordered the beef shawarma, and I order the falafel sandwich.  Once we were seated - with Thomas in the big boy seat!! ... a man brought out a complementary order of amazing flat bread and humus. It was SO DELISH. Yumm ... I'm dreaming of it slathered on red bell pepper slices, cucumber, and more of that awesome flat bread ... I'm also eager to try their tabbouleh salad ... The sandwiches came out and they were HUGE ... it's a little pricey - think $6.50 for a sandwich and another $2 for a soda and fries - but man alive was it deliciously perfect.

Following lunch, Thomas and I dropped Ryan off at school .. er .. work .. and visited our friends at ECDC..!! I was so thrilled and a little bit nervous!! Haha - not sure why? I wish we had had more time to see ALL of our friends, but we'll save that big visit for next time.  We are going to be in the neighborhood until 12/21-ish, so hopefully we can take advantage of some of that time off to see our working friends.  It was so sweet to be back in the K classroom - man those kids were cute.  I definitely miss working with children and seeing my teacher friends ... but the trade off of being home with Thomas is unbelievably wonderful.

After our regular visit to the St Joseph Regional Medical Center for our Breast Feeding Support Group meeting, Thomas & I zipped off to pick Ryan up .. coaxing him out of his office a little earlier than planned with a hot coffee (man, Starbucks twice in 1 week? I am such a coffee diva...).

Thomas is all snuggled in for a nap at home (finally! I can only imagine how exhausted he is!) ... and Ryan and I are enjoying some down time in our quiet little abode... My cheeks are aching from all of the smiling and visiting of the day.  As pleasant as it is to be home, I need days like today thrown into the mix to keep myself sane and socially stimulated ... sometimes I feel like a person from The Sims ... my "social meter" gets a little low from time to time and needs these days to renew my social self.


  1. <3 Rest up those cheeks, they better be smile-ready when you're home for Christmas! Love you sis, and love reading your blog. I miss some of the details when we talk/text. Glad you were able to visit your friends at ECDC, too.
    <3 Marg

  2. hehehe I don't know if I can rest my smilers, Marge. I'm such a happy person! Love you, too, and glad you're reading and enjoying my blog! <3