Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Comes Early in Our House ...

I have a confession.  And my family already knows this ... but I must admit, I am terrible at keeping gifts I'm giving a secret ..!!! I always end up telling SOMEONE (usually the receiver or another family member...) exactly what I got them for Christmas, a birthday, housewarming .. you name it!  So Ryan and I have gotten in the habit of giving gifts early!  We claim it's so we don't have to tote gifts from Indiana to Minnesota and back to Indiana ... but secretly I think it's because we just can't wait! We are like children ..! Hahah

This year my Christmas gift from Ryan arrived and I guessed exactly what it was ... a new winter jacket!  I didn't open the package for a few days .. and every time I guessed about it Ryan kept a straight face and didn't let on to my accuracy in guessing .. but soon enough a cold day came through South Bend and Ryan said, "Psst ... open it already!"  He was pretty excited to see how much I loooooved my gift - a new coat is a surefire gift I am bound to love ... coats are to me as shoes are to most other women ... =)

My birthday gift arrived today ... and I'm particularly excited about sharing it with my little blogging community ... I'll see if you can guess what it is!  Here are some clues:

1. It's palm sized and plugs into my pc
2. It's going to be very fun to use to share info / moments / life on my blog ..!!
3. Family will be tickled to know I have one now, especially if we end up living farther from home before we live closer ...

Ryan really hit the nail on the head with this one!

Since I've opened all of my gifts, I let Ryan choose one of 2 gifts I have for him under our baby Christmas tree ... I recommended the boxed gift that was for both Thomas and Ryan ... call me a cheese ball, but I bought them matching t-shirts ;-) courtesy of Westmama Design on Etsy (thanks for the sale price on Dad's shirt)!  They are brown - both boys look handsome in brown - with a picture of a cuttlefish - and the text: Wanna Cuttle?  Ryan giggled ... which is a good sign. Usually I buy him a gift he isn't too hot on (like the watch I bought him a few years ago? It's become a paper weight .. he's hard to shop for!).  So we'll see if he wears it or not. =)

Here's another guessing game ..

1. The other gift I bought for him is a bit "lame" for the next 16 days, but come January it's going to be so cool
2. He already has one, but it won't be as unique or useful for the month of January
3. It's slightly cylindrical in shape ..

Yarr!  I'm excited about it because I now he will love it. And when February comes .. if he isn't too hot on it .. I know I will use it! Hahah

Sort of ironic that this post comes just a week after I mention how Christmas isn't about the gifts?  I guess I don't think this post is about the gifts .. it's about our little tradition of excitement to give and love on each other ... to admit that it's O.k. to slightly indulge each other in our wishes and wants this season even though we are a bit tight on money ... and be thankful for my successes in my E-Garage Sale, as Gisela named it ... hahah

The reason I post about our little "Christmas Comes Early" tradition is because this year (and maaaaybe next year) is the last year we'll get to indulge in this little escapade ... because we've got a little one in the house who will also want to open presents when Mom and Dad do!  .. and that will not be tolerated ;-)  How will I ever contain myself?? Hahah I'm excited already .. and it's already 366 days away! (is it a leap year?)

As I packed up some of Thomas' 0-3 month clothes today I thumbed through and gathered a few things up to donate to moms in need this season.  I am hoping to make a donation to the Women's Care Center before we leave town, and potentially to South Bend's Milk Bank.  Not only are we swimming in clothes that are too small for my little T, but my tiny freezer is beginning to overflow with both newly pureed baby food and breast milk.  We'll see if I qualify!  It's a pretty extensive testing process, so my initial donation may have to wait until the new year.  I am so thankful for our good health and the generosity we were shown this year as we prepared for our little bundle to arrive and as we have enjoyed his company these last 6 months .. and I am now eager to be able to pass on some of that good health and generosity to women in need.

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