Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis the Season ...

... to breast feed in public?  Of course! It's such a busy time of year -

I found this post and thought it was humorous - definitely something to think about if you haven't already -

Breastfeeding in Public is Offensive

It is sort of curious to consider why people confront women about public indecency while breastfeeding - I think it's in part related to women hiding themselves while nursing, or simply because many people haven't been expose to the "free-boobing" that can be breastfeeding - particularly with an easily distractable baby who likes to take a look around mid-meal, swatting of any sort of cover-up you may attempt ;-) hahah "Woops, there's my nip! Sorry guys!"

Several months ago I found a beautifully written account of a woman breastfeeding in a new country - she traveled from Canada to Mongolia - simply reading about her experience is amazing - and I highly recommend the article. I loved it, and it supported my gradually changing perspective on the extended nursing relationship not simply between mom n baby, but within the family and community.  Check it out -

Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan


The first night home was as glorious as every first night home ... random family congregates at Mom n Dad's house to see us - in this case it was sister Marge, to who Thomas was very fond of, as he rolled and rolled and rolled toward her, whapping her personal belongings on his belly ;-)

Thomas was soon ready for bed, and Ryan put together my old crib for him to sleep in - something so sweet about awakening to his little voice calling out from my old crib in my old room ... what an amazing home this is having seen so many beautiful babies grow and play among our loving, kind and caring family.  It truly is a great gift to be among such loving family.  We are giddy at the prospect of seeing the REST of our amazing family this week, too! hahah <3

A minor consequence to sleeping in new places is T's adjustment.  As I'm sure all babies are, he's a bit sensitive to where he sleeps, so he's particularly wakeful at night and a bit more challenging to get back down to his usual slumber.  At this stage in the game it's a pleasure to be up with him .. but the third time in 2 hours?? Not so much .. hahah  Ryan was gracious enough this morning to get up with the little guy and offer him a bottle while I caught another hour of beauty rest and showered, lathering my hair in Aveda's - Smooth shampoo/conditioner/styling cream ... my hair looks and feels fabulous ..! Thanks Mom n Dad for the very zen-mommy-centered birthday gift! Mmm ...

This afternoon we're heading out to Mom n Dad's office. I can't wait to see their new space!  Then we're off to shop with Gisela, Elijah & Silas - baby time!  For now, we're waiting for little T to pop up from his nap ... Marge is closing on her house with her love, Ryan - so hopefully we'll get to swing by their new house this afternoon, and of course, stop in to see Gram, since she and Marge are officially new neighbors!

So yes, given the pick-up in our busy schedule, tis the season ... to breastfeed in public!  I'll be sure to throw some pictures in later tonight =)

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