Monday, December 5, 2011

Pick n Put

A few months ago T's gramma Haws asked if we needed anything for little T from the avon sister company Tiny Tillia ... not really knowing much about it, and not feeling in need of anything, I picked out a few items ... namely the Tiny Tillia Plush House and the Blue ABC Blanket ... that would be nice to have, because one can never have too many toys (variety is key) or too many blankets (because the little one always manages to yack up on one, or they all conveniently manage to be dirty at the same time, etc.).  A few weeks later, Kathy arrived to our home with BOTH things - how lucky were we??

For a long time T wasn't really a wild player ... more of a "ohh what's that Mommy is dangling above me?" kind of kid ... so we playfully named all of the critters. Most of them received silly names, like Bo the Cow (bovine, get it?), Ella elephant, and so on ... At this moment in my day the only one I remember is Gerry Giraffe ... aptly named so because he is the only critter living in the house who is wearing clothes: a tie of all things! And who do I know that wears ties? My dad =)  So when we play with our little Tiny Tillia house, we rename the critters as I pass them to Thomas ... It'll be curious one day when he's old enough to give them names ... and I secretly hope the giraffe stays "Gerry" ;-) (I'm pretty sure they have their own names ... as we also received some books about them)

Well, the best time to play "Tillia House" is when T is in the bumbo seat we have graciously borrowed from Aunty Amanda. It is the perfect item to play with because T likes to play this little game where he picks things up on his right side and moves them over to his left side ... and what better to do that with than these perfectly grippable little critters?  And the house has a handle! Perfect for little grabbers.

Well here's a photo to share of T playing his little game.  Everything manages to go from right to left (omg ... early literacy?!) and he so enjoys turning in the seat.

In fact there was one morning where T was playing in that exact spot (maybe picture day?) when I quick jumped up to grab some coffee in the galley kitchen (arr walk the plank, matey!) when I heard that "all-fore-boding" thunk implying doom and gloom on little t's end ... (oh no he just conked his head on something - here come the tears! that kind of thud) when I peaked out of the kitchen tentatively awaiting the cry .. only to realize T was turned almost completely around in his seat opening and closing the cabinets behind him <sigh> ... he is far too intuitive for his own good.

If it weren't for a recent conversation with my mom, I wouldn't know what to call T's game of moving things from right to left ... but she gave me a name, courtesy of Gramma Dorothy ... Pick n Put!  We all play it from time to time ... and Gramma D identified it as Pick n Put .. where you go about your day picking something up in one spot and putting it in another ...  I know I just played this game before my mom friends came over today ... but I picked up things like shoes and my pumping bag ... and put them into the Harry Potter closet ... only for DH to pick them up ... and put them back in the living room.

Speaking of Gramma D - Thomas' Great Gramma - today is her birthday. Happy 85th birthday, Gram =)  Thomas is somewhere near the 16th+ great grandchild of hers.


  1. Cutie!!! And I think she's up to 22? Not sure, but I'm almost certain Andy had #5 this year.

  2. Wow! Yeah I wasn't sure about matt n andy, so I gave them a rough estimate of 3 ... but I forgot Chauntell' girls. I think because they are such teens!!

  3. He is such a little cutie. I loved the bumbo when O was that handy for him to sit up.

    And #22 already? Wow, lots of kids...too bad we couldn't get them all in one place