Friday, April 27, 2012

Sew Fun!

Well .. I finally finished the quilt I blogged about back in err .. January! .. and by finished .. I mean I finished the top and have yet to quilt the thing, let alone BIND it! =)  Enjoy!

I was thinking .. and talking with Margaret .. if I were to quilt it "In the Ditch," as they say .. but only go up-down-up-down-up-down diagonally along err .. every other row .. on the back .. it would look like a chevron pattern .. which is very trendy right now.  Might be fun?  I will probably back it in muslin to save some cash. =)

In other sewing-related news, I am thrilled to share that I made my first swim diaper today!  It was exceptionally easy, thanks to a fabulous tutorial on a blog called SewMamaSew!  Here is the link - Aquarius Swimmer ~ Swim Diaper Tutorial.  It was my first time working with fold over elastic (FOE) .. and as you can see in my pictures - the leg holes are a bit uneven ... in part because of how unequally I stretched the FOE.  I am excited to dig into my next swim diaper to experiment with the FOE a bit.  I'll have to snap a photo of Thomas modelling the diaper in the morning, as he is fast asleep at the moment. =)

I think with attempt number two I will do a bit more pinning along the elastic to match it up (in length) to the sections of diaper that are elasticized ... =) It was fun, and it is very cute!!

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