Monday, April 30, 2012

21 Days to Change

Baby Gap Jammies ... On Sale ... Fabulous!
12 month "Big Boy" jammies <3
Ecological Babies is sponsoring a 21 Days to Change Challenge for the month of May ... in participating, you get the benefit of community to correspond with and support your voyage toward change ... as well as the opportunity to participate in some fun give anyways - and who doesn't love a give away?

So our change challenge commitment is to fully embrace cloth wipes and diapers!  It was challenging in itself to choose something about our lifestyle, or my lifestyle, that I wanted to embrace fully, and daily, in an effort to break an old habit ... but once I realized our stash of disposable diapers had run dry - one pack lasts us about 3-5 weeks - I decided the choice was obvious ... Cloth Diapers!!

I had recently bought some GroVia all-in-ones to use at bedtime ... mostly because they are easier, slimmer, and a general curiosity of mine ... and I've noticed that lately ... Thomas isn't such a heavy wetter ... In the last month we've had such a battle with antibiotics, diarrhea and ear infections that it's been "easier" to wear disposables - we can use traditional barrier creams, throw away the blech of a blow out, and quickly, easily, toss him into a new diaper as needed ... but it's the blow out diapers we've been having first thing in the morning since our struggle ... every morning he's got a leaky diaper ... gross ... and it takes away from our cozy-snuggly-just-woke-up-nursing-time in our bed ... so what better to contain the blow out? Cloth diapers. They are amazingly great for containing that mess ... so why not embrace cloth at night?

Bath time - "If only I could reach Mom's shampoo..."
After Thomas' bath tonight I strapped him in to his last disposable diaper.  There are no more in the house.  I can't wait to embrace our final transition step to cloth diapering .. huzzah!

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