Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few New Tricks ...

I've been hoarding videos of Thomas on my computer for about a month now ... I finally plugged in the Flip camera and discovered 2 videos of him showing off some of his new tricks!

The first is from March 26 .. when he first discovered the stairs .. and easily began to climb them .. within a week or so he was climbing all the way up the steps by himself (with one of us behind him every step of the way...) - mostly to get to Otto - his 4-legged bff ;-)

... don't mind my language in the video, either ... hahah

Our 2nd video is just a week old.  Thomas came down with a snotty cold .. so I started to teach him to blow his nose .. It's pretty stinkin cute to see him huff and puff with his nose scrunched =)

I can't believe my tiny baby is 10 months old.  Watching him grow up has been absolutely spectacular and awe-inspiring ... he is fabulous, terrific, beautiful, affectionate, intelligent, social, precious ... /end ;-)

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