Friday, May 25, 2012

Pool Time!

Today was one of those days where I felt highly ambitious .. and accomplished a lot .. only to look at the clock and realize that it was only 2:30 and the baby had only taken an hour nap all day long ..

Given the heat today, it only made sense to whip out our little Crab pool and test out one of the swim diapers I made last month!  (Here is my blog post about the diaper - 2nd time around, I was able to focus more on the stretch in the legs, back and front, making the diaper appear considerably smaller and more Thomas' size ... Score!)

Here are some photos from our afternoon "poolside" -

Cool Sprinkler!

Testing the Water

O.k. Not so bad, eh?
I added a few mixing bowls worth of warm water to the pool so it was pretty comfortable.  It's just the right size for our back yard, and T can crawl in and out of it pretty smoothly ... He had a great time splashing and playing with the spray-attachment-thing for the hose ... of all things ... The swim diaper worked out very well, and fit him pretty well, too!  I am pleased with how it came out.  Once I get my hands on some more FOE I will have to make another, perhaps a pull on/off since my machine resists going through the chunk of fabric that develops with the fold-over process of creating the snap-on section.  I dread the idea of hand sewing those sections, so they are raw at the moment .. but the snaps do a fine job of holding things together for the time being.

Tomorrow our "big" pool opens up at the apartment office.  They have a "Kiddie Pool" that is a mere 10-12" deep .. just our size!  We plan on being there around 10 a.m. to test the waters!

"O.k. I'm all done!"
Bear crawling saves the knees from the concrete ...

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