Friday, January 13, 2012

Midnight Pita

Today it snowed. A lot. And I think it's still snowing. It is so beautiful. I meant to take a snapshot of our little bird feeder, because it looks so quaint and beautiful in the snow, but alas, I forgot.

It really is this beautiful.
courtesy of Tastykitchen blog
discovered thru pioneerwoman!
I also made almond milk - behold - the recipe! I could include a photo-documentary-entry regarding the process, but it was so simple and this blog post really does the best job.

My chemist of a husband was going to research which nutrients in the almond are water soluble to determine it's "nutritional value" ... he is amazing. =)

The hardest part? Remembering to soak your almonds for approximately 6-8 hours before pureeing them ... but as the blogger states - soaking for just one hour will do the trick, too.

courtesy of smitten kitchen
Another make-ahead-advance-preparation-recipe we tackled today?  Pita bread! I made a bucket load of hummus from some chana dal we had hiding in the cupboard (technically, Ryan made it. and it is awesome) ... and after having it with tortilla chips, cucumber, raw zuchini, tomato, salads, etc ... it was time to make some pita bread.  Again - the hardest part(s) were remembering to make your dough in advance (mine rose in the oven for an hour before I Realized the recipe says to rise in the fridge - and only for about 7 hours in the fridge).  

I'm off to bake up these (not-so-midnight) pitas! 

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