Monday, January 30, 2012


So I bought 1lb of organic spinach .. and turned over half of it into baby food .. score!  And, Thomas really likes it!  .. especially following a recipe from our baby food book - his first combination - spinach and sweet potato!

The rest of the week has been figuring out how on earth to eat the rest of that spinach with out delving in to the world of pasta + cream sauces! (I have, after all, lost 5lbs. courtesy of weight watchers!)  So I got a little creative one night .. making a sausage + tomato + spinach + (a typical serving) pasta .. tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper .. we both loved it ..!

The next morning, the BST+E was born.  What is the BST+E, you ask? The best thing since sliced bread, of course!  Think BLT .. but with S instead of L .. on toast .. with an egg .. for breakfast.  Both Ryan and I loved up on these quick and easy breakfast sandwiches 2 mornings in a row.

The trick?  Once you flip your egg (runny, smashed, scrambled ...), pile a handful of roughly chopped spinach on top, cut the heat on your pan, and cover it up.  The spinach will be perfect ... slightly steamed but not mushy ... softer than if you were to eat it raw.  You could add cheese, if you'd like, but it's definitely not necessary!

There you have it - spinach, tomato - vegetables for breakfast?! ... yes ... with the best breakfast (any time?) food on the planet - bacon!! .. and the protein of an egg. Perfect. Perfectly delicious.

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