Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Favorite Way to Take Pictures of T

So awhile back in my WTE Mom's Group, some women were posting collage style pictures of their little ones ... and I simply had to give it a go ... because what captures baby's personality better than a photo collage?

My first effort involved just over 20 pictures that I took over the course of less than 5 minutes, resulting in the following "Hurrah! I'm 8 Months Old..!" collage.  I think it is absolutely perfect .. for practical as well as sentimental reasons, seeing as he chose to begin crawling just days after this "mini photo shoot" ... the black and white makes it a bit timeless .. and does a magnificent job of camouflaging the "pile of stuff" in the background pile that still has yet to be delivered to the Good Will.  You can also pick-and-choose which pictures you'd like to use, which eliminates those crummy pictures you capture where baby moves suddenly and you are left with nothing but fuzz from these "amazing digital cameras."

I used to create my collage ... uploading my pictures to my super-private profile ... and then "editing" them into a collage.  You have the option of organizing the photos in any number of ways, using between 2 and 16+ pictures.  Additionally, you can add captions to the pictures, as well as edit the coloring .. which is how I managed to find the black and white above ... and this "color rotate" effect, below.  The options really are endless!  You can also preview everything before you "save" the collage ... (ps. I eliminated the borders in my collage, maximizing the picture space. You can slide the pictures around in their little boxes by "grabbing" them, too)

T Attacks the Camera - Watch out!
One challenging aspect, however, is "sharing" the pictures .. because you are given those complex alpha-numeric "codes" to type in ... don't be fooled as I was the first and second time ... even tho it doesn't acknowledge that you have accurately "guessed" the code, your image has been sent off.  I have chosen to simply right click each image I create and save them to the appropriate folder on my computer.  Works just as well!

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