Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby's First Hair Cut

I was making a sandwich ... trying to hold back the tears ... T was napping ... and the phone rang.

Ryan answered, chuckled and greeted the caller ... it was my sister Gisela.

She was asking for the Barber.

I took the phone from Ryan, said a pathetic "hey ..."

Gisela said, "What were you thinking?!"

Then the tears came.

I cut Thomas' hair this afternoon ... it was bright and beautifully sunny outside ... Ryan and I had been commenting on how his hair was in his eyes, how long it was ... I had been thinking he should probably have a trim before the baptism on Sunday ... and let's face it, there is no better time then the present, right?

We laid out a towel in the grass, gathered our supplies - all of our little brushes and combs, a teething biscuit for distraction, an envelope for collecting those precious little bits of hair that he was born with.  That's the hardest part, I think ... I helped make the hair that I just cut off of his head. <sigh>

A few minutes in our photographer (Ryan ...) said, "Woah, you're really going short."  I didn't have the view or the objectivity, I guess, to realize how short it was! Hahah  Well once you start, you can't really go back!

Half way through, T became restless, tired, grumpy ... so the last half was a bit rushed, and eventually all efforts were abandoned ... so he's left looking a little lopsided ... and so grown up!  So the debate begins - fix it up at home or take him with me to the salon tomorrow night?  I think we'll go to the salon ... This barber is officially retired.


  1. He's still a super-cutie! And, it does grow back. Last summer I convinced Walker to have his hair cut before going to sleepaway camp. He decided he liked it short - after years of LOVING his long hair. Now I'm trying to convince him to grow it out again!

  2. Hehe Thanks, Melissa! We fixed it up this afternoon and he is looking pretty sharp. Ryan pointed out the obvious - "It's that he looks older, isn't it??" Yeah, I think that's it. I remember seeing Walker's long hair!! He is living proof that even though he's gotten so much older, had such different hair do's and lives so far away ... he still resembles that little 4/5 year old in the photograph we have of him in our living room! Hahah =)