Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bo Ssam / Baby Bibs / Lactation Station

 Ryan and I were perusing the grocery last week when we stumbled across pork shoulders at Martins .. for a whopping $.99 / pound.  One word obviously echoed through both of our minds at the exact time ... you could read it across our pupils as we gazed longingly into each others eyes for a brief second ... that word?

... in the shot glasses? warm sake. yep. yumm ..!
Please by all means check out my drool-worthy blog post about our first encounter with Bo Ssam ... Some improvements we made this time around?  We let our pork sit in it's salty-sugary-dry-briny deliciousness for about 36+ hours .. and we rinsed it before baking.  It was so much better because it was not overpoweringly salty .. just .. perfectly .. deliciously .. salty.  We also made a trip to the Oriental Market a few blocks from our house and picked up a few <ahem> necessities ... to any Asian meal ... Yes. Pocky is a necessity, as much so as chop sticks. Helloo!
What a wonderful trip to the Oriental Market!

Thanks for the pet gate, Mom! It made a world
of difference during dinner tonight ...
No begging, just a peaceful
family dinner!
Either way .. we had a wonderful dinner together .. with Thomas harnessed into his high chair .. enjoying a varied meal, himself - including peas, sweet potato and toast sticks, Bo Ssam pork (the inner, not-so-salty meat), and an occasional bight of rice from yours truly. ;-)  It is so fun to share meals with him - I tell Ryan .... I think he was born to split bananas with me! Hahah  It's my favorite part of the morning .. wake up .. make coffee .. crack open a banana and give half to my son.  Perfect, right?

One recent highlight to our meal-sharing are these awesome trough-ed-bibs we've been using ... They are fabulous.  We received them as a gift while I was pregnant and I remember thinking, "O.k. these are so bizarre .. really?? Are they all that great??  And yes. As a Mom of an 8-Month-Old ... I have a fabulously new appreciation for them!!  Thomas has quickly learned (as in within 24 hours) to look for dropped bits of his favorite foods in the little trough .. if he wants toast and there is no more on his tray, he looks down to his trough and picks it out, leaving what he doesn't want ... hahah  It is ingenious.  He also stays significantly cleaner while he eats.  Mmm. I recommend them. To everyone.

In other news, Thomas and I visited the Women's Expo today .. it was a pretty last-minute visit .. but we were fueled by a blog post by out La Leche League Mamas ..  You can read their entry here, but to quickly summarize .. the Nurse Lactation Consultant (LC) said she was getting some grief about the appropriateness of having a Lactation Station at a public event like .. the Women's Expo .. O.k. Hello? Really?  <sigh>

"What'd I drop in here? Toast? Sweet Potato? Pork?"
The first question we asked after being admitted ... Where can we find the Lactation Station? I really need to nurse my baby and I was looking forward to finding a cozy spot to do so ... The woman I asked just sort of stared at me ... her partner eagerly pulled out a map, explained where the Memorial Hospital section was, and roughly where I could find the spot I was looking for.  Once we arrived we were able to talk weaning and solid foods with a Nurse LC, revealing an amazing feat of breast milk - it can adapt to fill the holes of solid-food-nutrition based on what baby eats ensuring a well balanced diet. Hellooo amazing!  And finally, toward the end of our visit, we settled into the over-sized wooden rocker and I nursed my sleepy-serious little guy ... it was so peaceful and quiet, I swear we both could have fallen asleep.  I was so impressed with the cozy nursing nook .. I was sure to thank the Memorial staff outside for providing us with a cozy spot to relax for a few minutes and nurse cover-up free. <3
Mom wanted me to wear this cabbage leaf ...

I really hope my aunties will explain this whole
"Cabbage Head" thing to me one day ...

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