Thursday, February 2, 2012

Milestones ..!!

So .. I've heard crawling isn't officially a milestone .. but it's still amazingly exciting to watch Thomas achieve that little step toward mobility .. I am still in shock over how quickly this has all come about .. Just yesterday he figured out how he could get around the house, travelling from one thing to the next - each time he'd encounter a non-baby-proofed-space, I'd pick him up, "No, no, baby," and put him back w/his toys .. Here is what he got into:

  • Dog food 'area'
  • Dog Toys
  • Cords to the Lamp
  • Under-television-storage (cd bins, remotes, video game cases...)
  • Recycling
  • Box of La Croix fizzy waters
  • Stuck under the couch
  • Boots and shoes
I'm sure I could go on and on ... but he literally managed to roll to each space from the middle of our living room within about 30 minutes ... and then this evening he started to ARMY CRAWL. What?!  Here's a video I shot while little T and Ryan were playing together - 

Cute, huh?

Poor little guy popped a fever this afternoon, so we gave him some tylenol. He was pretty fussy all night ... except while playing with "Dad" ... and during his bath, where he chose to grab the back of the tub and attempt to pull himself up on it .. what?! Where did my tiny baby go??  It truly is amazing to watch - he acquires new skills on an almost daily basis.

He's already stirred from sleep, after just 45 minutes .. something tells me it could be a looooong night ..!  I hope he is getting teeth and not coming down with an illness or ear infection. Poor little guy. =)

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