Monday, February 20, 2012

L is for the Way You Look at Me ...

Soo .. on Valentine's Day, my sister Margaret had the brilliant idea of sending a pink gorilla to my parents' office .. complete with balloons and a song.

Here's how it turned out -

Dad totally knew something was up among his girls when Gisela refused to schedule an appointment over the lunch hour .. she was able to put off his suspicions, though, when she said that T and I wanted to bring lunch down to everyone and spend V-day lunch with the family .. phew ..!  Conveniently, the gorilla was scheduled to arrive between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Perfect!

When that backfired (who knew lunch pick-up didn't start before 11 a.m.?) .. Mom, T and I just meandered to the office .. chillin' .. thinking of ordering in, instead.  This got Dad's suspicions waaay up .. particularly when he had to leave the showroom to head to the loading dock to get some chairs unpacked .. we told him to take his cell.

Of course, Dad saw the gorilla come into the building .. and when we called and said, " Hurry up, get down here!" He said, "NO WAY you guys!!"  .. showing up moments later.  They were both great sports - I think Mom had as much fun as the gorilla.

He has a good voice, no?

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