Monday, July 23, 2012

A Big Day in the Haws Household

Silver Beach with Auntie Margaret
Well, it's been a big day in the Haws household today ..!

The day began with Ryan receiving his first post doc job offer - Yay, Ryan!!  Over the next 2 weeks he has 1-2 interviews scheduled and the opportunity to consider whether or not he will accept his first offer following those interviews ... AND ... he submitted his dissertation to his committee members for review prior to his defense!
DJ Tommy Tooth Brush...!!

 I am so so proud of him for his months and years of hard work - It is so bittersweet to think of our time here in South Bend coming to an end!  We have had a nice farewell tour visit from Margaret this summer - visiting the St Joseph Silver Beach, Fernwood, and local attractions like Fiddler's Hearth, the Farmers' Market, and the busiest place to grab breakfast on a Saturday morning - Annie's ..!  It was so great to have Marge in town the week she came, as it wound up being Ryan's busiest week - To have someone help out with Thomas and get us out of the house was terrific!

Our next farewell tour begins the first weekend in August, as we will have our annual Haws family visit from Rick, Kathy, Amanda & Clark - I've already told Kathy to start getting her list together of things they'd like to do while here ;-)  It'll be  a great time of year to visit, too - so much in season!

Toes in the Sand - Silver Beach, MI
Other highlights from today come from Thomas - the little mister decided to start walking!!! Not just taking steps (as he took his first steps to Dr. Rice on Friday July 6.... little turkey), but WALKING!  All of a sudden we were vegging in the living room and he started to crawl to the couch, stand up and lean his back against the cushion, and walk from the couch to the television stand and back, although my excited hand-clapping self distracted him enough to make him fall ... hahah

It is so so silly and amazing to watch him work on mastering his walking - those little baby bow legs, seeing him work on balancing himself, carrying random items in his mouth or hands, waving his arms overhead .... Here's a video treat for you all ... Pay no mind to the random '80s horror film on TV, lol .......  ;-)

The final big day moment for our family is from me!!  I eagerly sent off my Intent to Student Teach form as well as my Student Teacher Profile ..!  I am genuinely excited to take on the workload that is to follow - I have two courses to take this fall (Teaching social studies + teaching literacy) before I student teach next spring.  I cannot wait to obtain my K-6 license!  It is so exciting and groovy (for lack of a better word? hahah) to think of what is to come for our little family - By the time T is 2 I will have my teaching license and Ryan will be on his way toward establishing himself as a Phd in Chemistry ... Wow!

Another video treat - "Pillow fights" in our house have a brand new meaning ...

This week Thomas and I are taking a 2-day trip to Indianapolis to see our friends and explore a bit of Southern Indiana - Something we haven't done over the last 5 years!  It'll be the farthest south I've been while still remaining in the err ... midwest? ;-)

On Friday Ry has an interview and will be out all day - I hope to take Thomas to the pool if the weather holds out ... Alternately, I'm sure we can get some more "stuff" packed around the house.  It is a bit strange packing boxes knowing some will go to Minnesota ... and some will go with Ryan, where ever he may end up.  My parents have offered to drive down should we need the extra space when T and I make our final move up to Minnesota - some time in August.

I have so many sewing projects bubbling in my mind.  It wasn't until this weekend that I realized how much, exactly, I depleted my sewing stash when I participated in a garage sale last month.  I concocted not one, but 2 sewing projects in my head for a friend of mine (as we were invited to her wedding reception) only to discover that I was missing over a yard of fabric I thought I had (Did Marge take it with her? Did I yard sale it? Did I donate it to the Good Will?) ... I then moved on to another hand towel project, cut my fat quarters that I DID have ... only to discover that I had donated the actual hand towels to the Good Will ... hahah

Needless to say ... It is about time to pack up my sewing machine and fabric stash since I am at a bit of a stand-still until all of this excitement settles down.   <3

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